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Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Common Questions We Receive

What Is Network?

A network is a collection of computers, servers, phones and other devices; all interconnected with each other. A network gives all the devices connected to it the ability to share resources and information instantly. In a home setting, this may be all your phones, tablets, computers, and TVs connected to a Wi-Fi router which in turn connects you to the internet.

Do I Need A Network?

Networks are an ideal way to grow and advance your business and workflow. PHN recommends that any business with multiple users and devices install a network infrastructure to improve functionality and collaboration. A well-built network will allow your employees to share information and access to files and other network resources such as line-of-business software, printers and scanners.

Do I Need to Replace My Network?

If it has been a few years since you got your network installed or serviced or if it has not been working properly, you owe it to yourself to see if your business solutions are out of date or misconfigured. From cloud computing and virtualization, to better servers, routers, and switches with more security and bandwidth, technology has advanced to provide your business with a faster and more efficient network. Our team can provide you with a walk-through and a free quote to determine your business’ needs.

What is Network Monitoring / Maintenance?

Network monitoring, maintenance and updates are included in our server maintenance plans. We are happy to provide expert support for your network infrastructure. This proactive administration and monitoring help maximize uptime and optimize your server’s performance, while giving us a heads-up on any potential growing problems. Even if your network seems to be running fine, oftentimes the lack of maintenance and updates will lead to decreased performance and increased security vulnerabilities, and without consistent monitoring, warnings of potential catastrophic errors could go unnoticed. Thus making it important to get consistent checkups that would be included in our server maintenance plans.

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