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Computer Virtualization is a technology originally developed in the 1960’s that has been gaining popularity in businesses since the early 2000’s. Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual instance of a computer system on what is called a hypervisor. This hypervisor then allows the creation of multiple types of computer systems to all run from one piece of hardware. These systems could range from multiple server roles such as mail services, file storage, line of business applications, to individual PC systems such as Windows, IOS, or Linux based operating systems.

The reason this is helpful to a business is that before virtualization, each computer system would need its own set of hardware. A business would need multiple servers worth of hardware to run the countless tasks that the servers would need to execute. The issue is that each task may only use a fraction of that server’s capabilities. Virtualization allows us to combine these tasks that used to require individual systems to all run from one place, saving money on hardware costs. The experts at PHN have years of experience in creating and supporting these virtualized environments, contact us and we can help your business Save Money Today!

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new and developing trend in business I.T. infrastructures. Cloud computing is the on-demand accessibility of remote servers through an internet connection to store and manage data, access programs, and other system resources; instead of relying on local servers or a personal computer. Cloud computing is great for businesses in that it allows access to system resources from any location with an internet connection for multiple users. Another benefit is its scalability, which can help minimize up-front I.T. costs with the pay-as-you-go model of most cloud providers, as well as reduced hardware and maintenance costs from housing all the necessary servers and systems in shop.

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