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Types of Viruses and Malware

The Most Common Types of Infections


As its name suggests, spyware is malware programmed to watch what a computer user is doing and absorb information without being detected. Spyware is likely to steal private information such as credit cards and social security numbers.


Like the Greek myth, a trojan is a type of virus that disguises itself as something else. You may be vulnerable to Trojan viruses through illegitimate downloading websites. Trojans grant access to your machine and open a back door to corrupt files.


Adware itself is malware that is generally not malicious in nature, but it can cripple your system’s security to make way for other forms of malware and viruses that are more damaging. This type of malware is often seen in the form of pop-up ads.


Ransomware is a specific type of virus that encrypts your data, requiring a key to unlock it. The unlock key often can only be accessed by paying a sum of money to the cryptographer. The best defense to this type of virus is multiple forms of backup.

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