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Website Timeline

Our Process To Building The Best Sites On The Web

Phase 1
Info Gathering

Our process starts when you meet with our lead web designer to discuss any and all relevant information about the project. During this meeting, we’ll examine things such as site goals, basic objectives, and the scope of the project. This equips our team with everything needed to successfully begin your website.

Phase 2

From there, our designers will create a unique wireframe for the home page and other select pages. The wireframe is usually done as a Photoshop document that outlines basic elements on the website. This basic blueprint is presented to you as a draft proposal, giving you an opportunity to make changes, add or reduce content, and request special features.

Phase 3
Home Page Design

This is the fun part. In this stage, the details of the home page are filled in with font, color, and graphics, giving the rest of the site an aesthetic palette. These elements draw the eye of the consumer to your site, making this the most essential part of the process.

Phase 4
Page Building

Page building is the largest stage of the project. In this stage, our designers develop the site to completion. While the website is in construction, it will operate on a domain set not to index. This means that you’ll be able to view the site by going to its URL, but it will not appear in any search engine results. We’ll be sure to stay in contact during this part, keeping you updated and asking for any needed authorization. Right before launch, you’ll have one last chance to request or make changes.

Phase 5

Once we’ve worked together to complete your site, we’ll contact you to let you know your unique website is ready for launch. You will have one last opportunity to request changes on the site before we hand over the controls to you. Every client at PHN is given an in-depth training session to go over the functionalities of the site, giving you the capability to make changes and keep your site updated at no extra charge. Once the website has launched, the site and code belong to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions We Receive

Does PHN provide copywriting services?
No, but we’re happy to provide guidelines on the type of content needed for a website.
Does PHN provide web hosting?
PHN Solutions has recently upgraded our server space from a basic server hosting package to premium server space provided by KnownHost. Making sure our client’s websites are serving their purpose and ensuring integrity and reliability is a top priority for PHN. Our partnership with KnownHost complements this strategic vision to better provide more secure services.
How much will it cost?
The cost of your custom-made website depends on the length of the project, size of the site, and number of special features. Costs can vary from site to site, but PHN is happy to provide free consultation. Give us a call to talk about your site today!
Why should I hire PHN?
PHN provides a personal and direct experience when it comes to building your website. We work with you from the ground up to launch a site that encapsulates your business’ philosophy and expertise. As a local business ourselves, we understand the importance of a good website and the direct impact it has on successful business endeavors. We take pride in our sites, and by hiring PHN, you guarantee that your website will be optimized for quality, reliability, and conversions.

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